Everybody understands people are more effective when there’s food involved. From dawn meetings to holiday celebrations, provide your coworkers the gift of gourmet baked goods fresh from our bakery! Not only are our party platters lovely and tasty, but they are also made fresh to order and packed for easy pickup. Take advantage of these miniature menus to your office party preparation, or take a look at our Gourmet to Gomenu and create your own!

Morning Meeting: To get a tasty morning get-together, place the dining table with amazing breakfast platters containing fresh-baked goods including hamburgers, bagels, breads and much more!

Muffin Platter: An range of fresh-baked muffins in tastes such as banana, blueberry, bran with raisin, chocolate chip, cranberry orange, lemon poppy seed and seed.
Scone Platter: Homemade, seasonal scones fresh-baked by our gifted team. Available as ordinary scones or miniature scones!
Turnovers: Tasty turnovers with many different fruit fillings wrapped in puff pastry and sprinkled in .
Bagels: Homemade, West Coast-style bagels baked and steamed fresh, served with local, organic Sierra Nevada cream cheese.
From tantalizing tarts to sweet mousse cups and other yummy treats, there is no sweeter way to observe.

Baklava: Length of filo dough filled with chopped nuts and honey.
Fruit Mousse Cups: Chocolate cups full of chocolate mousse and topped with fresh fruit.
Tarts: Buttery shortbread tart shells coated in chocolate, full of custard and topped with fresh seasonal fruit or meringue. Available as big tarts or 2-bite miniature tarts!