An event planner is a person who helps plan events, coordinates, conducts and market all kinds of events from simple press conferences to elaborate birthday parties. A large event can seem smooth from beginning through the finish line, however that isn’t possible without a team and an expert working together. Malaysia’s government appointed an event planner in order to regulate and monitor big events happening in the country. This new law was designed to improve the nation’s position on international events.

Since the beginning, the government has tried to come up with ways to improve their events management capabilities. Certain changes have been implemented to improve administrative processes, but the main focus is on improving the overall quality of services for management. Last month in the Malaysian Association of Hospitality and Confectionaries held a conference to explore these issues in greater detail. All parties, including the private, public and academic sectors, were invited the conference to understand current industry challenges.

Insufficient event management professionals is one of biggest challenges facing the event management sector. The current economic climate has made many industries cut back and some even to decline. However, even though this sector isn’t gone, lots of marketing and ad agencies are cutting back to reduce costs. Event planners are faced to the job to hire and find suitable employees in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s event planner Regus Philcom, for example has had to shrink offices recently because of a declining business. About half of its staff quit and the headquarters was relocated to Singapore. The entire operation, which was seen as a success because of its impressive attendance rates, has been transformed into a dark hole that has little hope of improving. The event management company had reduced its staff by 30%. This can be an indicator of possible business issues. KPMG is the leading event organizer in Singapore and has reduced the number of employees by more than half.

The State is in charge of managing the general management of many places of public use, like convention centers, hotels along with prisons as well as police stations. The responsibilities of the Government are vast as well as it has an insufficient oversight when compared to private event planners. There is no reason to believe that the authorities are too concerned about the possibility of a service company that goes to bankruptcy. However, it is possible that they will react with a disproportionate amount of force if the event planner did a poor job or is not properly maintained. The public institutions rely on an event organizer who is frequently maintained in order to ensure smooth functioning.

Regus Philcom, one of the most famous ad-event planners of Malaysia is currently in the process of a massive overhaul to their website to increase its customer base. The ad agency has just unveiled a brand new campaign to attract attention to an entirely new program – the annual dinner event at Regus Philcom Resorts and Spa. The event will begin on January 1st. It will be the first event of its kind and encourage other companies to plan hotel events. Regus has had discussions with numerous hotels and restaurants to create a presentation with a high-end standard that will increase the collaboration that exists between Philcom along with resorts.

Its subsidiary, Singapore’s Roadshow Entertainment had been in talks with several international as well as Singaporean hotels last year for the purpose of hosting an annual dinner event at Four Seasons Singapore. Then, there was a backlash from the public. led the company’s management to pull back from that commitment, instead focusing on expanding its brand’s international image and marketing plan. These talks took place at hotels such as the Holiday Inn Singapore and Raffles Hotels, and the Singapore Leisure Park Hotel. The decision is still to be made what the hotel will do about discussions with the firm. However, the fact that the company is focussing on these products rather than traditional hotel management may indicate that Singapore might prove to an attractive venue for these events.

Event planners must constantly find inventive ways of bringing the largest number of guests to events. Today, more and more event planners are required to be able to handle additional duties, including ensuring that their clients ‘ events are booked within the timeframe they have set. A professional event planner who is well-run will be able to find new ways to solve scheduling conflicts and other such issues, making sure that their clients’ greatest interests are served. This is an enormous benefit for Singapore’s image. Singapore with its increasing tourist importance. If you’re planning a business hospitality function or a fundraising event, be sure that you will obtain the assistance you require from the top event planner to ensure that you get everything done on time and to your satisfaction.